Garage Doors Automation

Garage doors automation is a process of changing your hand operated garage door to a remote controlled system. Being the leading  automating company in Johannesburg we are proud to be your partners in automating your residential and industrial car port.  Be it roll up, tip up or  sectional garage door we are expects in automating any make.

Benefits of garage doors automation

garage door automation

  • There is convenience especially in bad weather like rain or snow.
  • Provision of opening your carport using a remote control in the safety of your car.
  •  Safety is enhanced since you quickly open your garage inbound or outbound thereby limiting the risk of thieves stealing your car.
  • The provision of lighting on lit your way into your garage. This is beneficial in the night and during load shedding.
  • Automatic mechanism makes sure that your close your gate without disembarking from your car.
  • Automated gates use low energy and is hand in opening heavy gates.
  • Latest trends programmes garage  systems so that one can use the internet and smartphone apps to operate the door.
  • The price of implementing a garage door automation is very low.